Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gathering Report - Day 8

Awoke late, and had lunch with the BoardGameNews gang, had a great time. Got back to the hotel just in time for the Duplicate Tichu Tournament.

Each team played 2 pre-set hands against each other team, then moved to a different table and played a different set of opponents. We had 9 teams, so we had to play 16 hands, and Noreen and I did quite well. The winners were Nataline Viray-Fuong and Scott Simon with 2030 points, and The Fairs were in second with 970. Derk Solko and Dan Karp took third with 320 and Christine Simundson and Tom Lehmann were fourth with 110. .All other teams ended in the negatives.

PS. Ted Alspach and Matthew Monin won the regular Tichu Tournament.

Next up was a silly dice-rolling game called Volle Wolle, which I played with Eric Handie, Ava Jarvis, and Matthew Gray. I won with 56 points, Eric had 43, Ava 41, and Matthew 30. The game is light and quick and has a theme of shearing sheep and really cute artwork, so I may pick this up soon.

Played a game of Igel Argern with Mary Prasad, Rhonda Bender, and Terry Bailey. The game was a lot of fun, and Mary was able to ensure her victory despite crappy rolls for the first 2/3rds of the game.

Dragon Parade was next, and we played with the same group, with the addition of Larry Whalen. This one was a lot of fun, and we were being really silly and goofing around. It was great. Larry won with 16 followed by Rhonda 15, David 12, Terry 10, Mary 9.

We played Gemblo next, and it went over well. We added Kevin bender in and swapped out Mary for Ravindra. Bad move as Ravindra sat to my right and is a shark. He and Rhonda tied at 4, I had 5, Kevin & Terry had 15, and Larry 22.

We then played the Gathering Wits & Wagers Game Show, our team was Rhonda, Kevin, Noreen, David, Terry, and Larry. It was a lot of fun, with game trivia, gathering trivia, bgg trivia, and general trivia. We bet poorly, and ended the game with a single point, ahead of only one team (Derk Solko, Matthew Gray, Aldie, Dan Karp, and One Guy I Did Not Recognize).

I then taught Tichu to Julie Luxenberg, and we played against Jon Ferro and Mark Delano. We had them 890 to 410 at one point, but I was card dead in the last three rounds, and they went 1-2, 1-2/Tichu/ and 1-2 to win 1110 to 890. Ouch!

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